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About us

Understand Our Ethos

Mykool Insight works on a non-judgmental basis. Our Ethos aims to apply a theology based therapy with rooted from The Golden Rule: ‘Treat others as you would like to be treated’. We like to offer clients the right space to breathe in insight to breathe out freedom

Achieving this can require an in-depth inner and outer reflection of ourselves, other people and the various aspects involved in one’s life. Seeking the truth is essential as it is only through Truth that one can be set free. 

It is therefore essential  that clients express and be themselves as much as possible.

Mykool Insight will not attempt to be argumentative or confrontational with prospects/clients themselves. However Mykool Insight cannot guarantee to be able to assist everyone or solve every problem. See please the disclaimer page for more info. 

Change is not always pleasant and can be upsetting. The term ‘upset to set up change’ highlights that changes required to resolve problems may require confrontation but in a civil, respectful manner. 

Unfortunately change or a resolution is not always achievable on our own or even with support.

This is where Mykool Insight may be able to assist. 

Mykool Insight aims to help as many people as possible.  However not everyone will be appropriate for the service.  Mykool Insight can provide prospects a FREE consultation to help both parties find out which/if any services are appropriate for each other.